Brick Farm, Suffolk


Brick Farm is a retreat for city dwellers who want to enjoy some stylish rural R&R, fresh air, stunning countryside, and top quality local food in an indulgent designer environment.


Brick Farm is a 35 acre property set in rolling organic farmland in Suffolk. Once a redundant industrial farm, we are breathing fresh life into it by its complete transformation into the stylish rural destination we all dream of. We are implementing our vision of an entirely sustainable environment, where natural beauty and smart accommodation meet to create a true escape from urban life, without losing the highest standards of food & interior design.


It will provide a total of 50 bedrooms across dairy barns with flint walls and exposed timbers, a set of new barns floating in a wildflower meadow, a glorious 16th century Suffolk longhouse, and a stunning Great Barn at the heart of the complex. This is where a celebration of local food, spa treatments, music and other events will take place.


It is a boutique development of a type seldom found in the UK. It is in two words: "Rural Chic".