Brick Farm, Suffolk

Green Heart

Brick Farm provides us with a blank canvas to be an exemplar of sensitive, sustainable tourism in the countryside. Installing minor add-ons such as dual flush loos or energy saving bulbs does not make a scheme "green." Environmental care should be a given, not the exception. It is an absolute core value of our scheme.


At every stage we are incorporating the use of renewable energy and minimising waste of resources. Heat exchangers, solar power, thick sheep's wool insulation, and eco-friendly building methods will ensure we leave the lightest of environmental footprints.


Our previously intensively farmed land has also become organic. We are restoring hedgerows, planting trees and creating a haven for wildlife. A swimming pond heated with solar panels is our choice, not a swimming pool full of chemicals. Brick Farm will not only be designed "green" it will be run "green", for example with discounts for guests arriving without cars.